1. Merci bcp admin.
    ila kan momkin tgoli 3alch had les code kaykhdmo f PC o F tv SUR application IPTVSMARTERS PLAYER maykhdmoch.

  2. Salem j’ai installer application après pour les reste des infos je ne ces pas faire url mot passe nom utilisateur ect … j’ai besoin d’aide merci .

  3. Hi Damin
    Would you kindly advise what do you charge (cost) for the full IPTV list to be on a Samsung smart TV and if you accept PayPal payment.
    I have the smart IPTV app set up on my tV rest now the channels list that is all channels.
    Appreciate your speedy response.

    Thank you for responding direct to my address

      • Hi Admin
        My misunderstanding, i followed your recommendation made to Mbark where I found the instructions about setting up the IPTV app and loading the url in a samsung TV. this was very helpful however I am still missing the url that is why I asked the question. Can you help how to get a working url

        thank you in advance for any guidance and help

  4. ok ive got smart iptv at home
    iwant ip tv but i dont know how to start or do to make all this work
    im not a computer genie,so who can help me out here en make this thing work for me
    i just want all the channels,and all the sports to

    who can help me ouy??


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