1. Can this be possible to checking record of land simply by providing the name

  2. Good Day Admin,

    I would like to know the validity of the codes for ZALTV.
    Is it for one year or limited for a couple of days?
    Many thanks

  3. Samo da kazem nista ne otvara I zato je bolje da ukinete ovo ili dajte nove codove koje rade aove izbisite sve

  4. Dobar Dan zaso zal codovi nisu aktivni vise ko sto su bili ili dajte aktivne codove ili ugasite zall tv I codov cekam odgovor

  5. Samo da kazem zasto dajete codove koje be otvara nista dajte koje otvara u pocetku are bili super sad sad ste se skroz pokvarili daj te like su otvorene

  6. Hi admin..all code in your list already test..but cannot used..cause already used to many user..or invalid code..
    May i get the new code..

  7. Hi , I have tried all the code posted here but none works . HI Admin , can you post some newly found codes that can b activated instead of invalid codes from the source ?
    Appreciate .Thanks

  8. Zasto ne izbrisete ove kodove koje ne rade a ostavite koje rade her samo jedna ili no jedna be radi I ubacite koje rade kodovi hvala cekam odgovor

  9. Samo da kazem u vezi ovish kodova niedan be radisamo dva rade ako mozete izbrisite I’ve kordove Koji me rade a ostavite Koji rade her Sam sad sve proverijo I samo da Koda rade hvala

  10. I really like this code 2020952498 last time cause the channel was so complete but now it’s expired..admin, please give me an activation code from the same owner as this code (2020952498)..please? Cause I have no enough money for paid tv channel.

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  11. Red box tv is a way!! better app but thanks anyway , i enjoy my Horseracing cant find it on this zaltv ….. so no good to me , ill research reliable iptv subs, but using the odd free
    apks,, still buffering is a major!1 issue 😉 lol


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