1. Bonjour,

    J’ai installé l’application NetIPtv, mais elle n’accepte pas les fichiers mu3, seulement les URL qui sont acceptés
    comment je peux avoir ces URL?

    • Upload your m3u list from your provider and connect your list with your NetIPTV MAC number.
      please follow our steps:
      1. https://flyurl.org/exKiz
      2. add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update
      3. enter your TV MAC address
      4. enter Your M3U list
      5. to confirm Recaptcha (I’m not Roboter)
      6. please wait
      7. enter send
      8. please wait 5-10 second
      9. restart your TV again
      10. go to Net IPTV
      11. press any key
      12. Your List is ready

  2. Hi
    Every time i want to watch give me “palyback error ”
    And “sorry this video can be played .please try again or pick another video”
    Thanks you

  3. Verry good
    But i a have problem i cant watch anything every time i have notivication that “” sorry this video ca not be played””
    How can result
    Thanks you


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