• Hey Admin, it\’s really not a point of view, it\’s a fact! It\’s the truth. You and others like you are constantly putting up links that turn dead in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes! Tell me, why post crap that stops working so soon? It makes no sense. What good is FREE if FREE only lasts a few minutes?

        • HI JOSH
          1) You did not read the text below the site in the footer
          2) we don’t have any server iptv we only RE-SHARE free Iptv links which are already on net
          3) If you are tired of free servers, subscribe to a paid server and you will be relieved of problems

          thank you

          • I did read the text! That still doesn’t change the fact that all the FREE links you “SHARE” go dead within minutes. That makes it a total fruitless effort on your part, not to mention a waste of time for us. If you’re not making any money SHARING these FREE links, I can only assume it’s a hobby for you. So why not just find a new hobby and stop wasting your time as well as everyone else’s with this one.

    • hi Jason
      we test files before publish if you find some files not working that from source server not from us.
      we not owner of any server only find it in internet and share it
      usa iptv
      thank you


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